product + Recipe Development

Formula testing, and standardized recipe and technical data sheets.

When working with clients, we strive to understand their brand and business process from the inside out. Along with a fresh perspective and industry experience, this allows us to fine-tune development and create qualified formulas, in-line with brand identity.

Curate unique, on-trend product formulas that excite your target audience with Product/Recipe Development!

The product/recipe development package was designed to help you create an innovative culinary product or menu for your brand. By facilitating development at every tier - market research, recipe development, trial and error, sensory evaluation, regulatory verification - the product/recipe development package provides an effective innovations strategy for your brand and identity for your products.



Here’s a look at the process…

First, you do your homework to prep for the project. After accepting your project proposal, we’ll send you a link to a questionnaire with questions about your brand, industry, products, and processes. This will help us to understand your vision and development goals, as well as prepare a foundation for the formula testing stage.

Then, you’ll review samples of the products we’ve developed. Samples will be shipped to you, and you’ll have unlimited options for feedback and input for formula revisions. We will continue to work together to create your final approved product sample.

Last, we’ll follow up with product-specific recipe and technical data sheets. We’ll provide you with your unique product formula, processing steps, ingredient statement, nutritional analysis, a marketing description and more for each formula developed.



How much does it cost?


Full retainer deposit required.

Additional work will be charged hourly.



This package is for you if...

You've targeted a product concept and are ready to invest in an experienced product developer to bring it to fruition.

You’re eager to connect with consumers by strategically marketing your product as a recipe ingredient.

You acknowledge that you need a formal line of verified formulas to supplement your menu, but do not have the budget to hire a research and development team.



Want to work with us?

If you want to introduce a new product line or menu to the market or revamp your current offerings, it’s time for you to get started. Here’s how we can work together…