Product analysis

A review of product ingredient and nutrition labels, and a product specifications white paper.

If you’ve been in the industry longer than 0.2 seconds, then you know that regulation is crucial. Compliance is a factor in every aspect of your product: ingredient deck, nutrition label, product packaging, on the menu, on the website. Everywhere!

Assure the product quality and regulation compliance with a Product Analysis!

The product analysis package assists food curators and manufacturers in nutrition analysis, recipe analysis, and regulatory-compliant labeling. A formal internal assessment of your menu or product in comparison to formula ingredients to curate technical data used on product packaging, including ingredient statements, nutrition panels, and specification sheets.



Here’s a look at the process…

First, you do your homework to prep for the project. After accepting your project proposal, we’ll send you a link to a questionnaire with questions about your brand, industry, products and processes. This will help us to understand the items that you have or want to bring to market, as well as prepare a foundation for the assessment we will complete.

Then, we’ll have a 60-minute video conference presentation to discuss the findings of the assessment and how you can improve your current products. We’ll provide you with actionable steps to take and helpful resources to assist you in making these changes.

Last, we’ll follow up with unique specification sheets for each product under review. Don’t worry if you didn’t write everything down during our call. Once it’s completed, we’ll share a post-evaluative guide with all the details we discussed, as well as copies of the presentation.



How much does it cost?


Full retainer deposit required for a maximum of 3 products.

Additional work will be charged hourly.



This package is for you if...

You're trying to keep up with constantly changing industry regulation standards.

You're eager to identify inaccuracies in the labeling information accompanying your formula or product.

You want to ensure product compliance, but don't have the budget to hire a regulatory team.

You're looking for a second-opinion on your existing product labels.



Want to work with us?

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