ideation concepts

A research-based white paper of 6-9 product, service, or menu concepts.

Ever feel like you’ve hit a mental road block during product development? Tend to lose your creative juices in the middle of a project? As culinary creatives and professionals, a passion for food is the basis of our brand. But, being surrounded by food both in and out of the work environment can be overstimulating.

Curate unique, on-trend product concepts that excite your target audience with Ideation Concepts!

The ideation concepts package provides creative strategies and culinary innovation tactics that invigorate your brand and product offerings. With creative direction from a uniquely experienced perspective, you can tailor the ideation concepts package to create an on-trend, intriguing product line or menu.



Here’s a look at the process…

First, you do your homework to prep for the project. When initiating your project, you’ll complete a questionnaire with questions about your brand, industry, products, and processes. This will help us to understand your brand, as well as prepare a foundation for the creative direction we will provide.

Last, we’ll follow up with a unique white paper of the final 6-9 menu items, products, or strategies to improve your brand. Within the white paper, we’ll share a marketing description for each, as well as a synopsis of the general trends that led us to develop these concepts.



How much does it cost?



Full payment required.



This package is for you if...

You're beginning menu or product development and need market-based creative direction.

You're eager to grow your product line but don’t have the budget to hire a research & development team.

You intend to launch a product line with on-brand items showcasing market trends.



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