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research reports to specify market trends and data on industry consumers.

The Culinistics mission is to provide market intelligence to innovate culinary brands and increase targeted consumer engagement.

With that in mind, we’ve developed a research hub for you to access complete, standardized, aggregated data from the food and drink industry.

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Our Research Initiatives

Insight through research is a vital component to the baseline of your brand. Experience growth when you begin to cater to your target market. With strategic analysis, your brand will benefit from key information.


A focused data approach to detect who your consumer is.

An aggregated data approach to describe what your industry looks like.

A predictive data approach to determine where your market is headed.

A derivative data approach to depict action steps for your brand.



Why you should trust our reports

  • Our reports compile verified, quantitative, and qualitative research from databases that specialize in food & drink.

  • Our reports equip you with the market demographics, trends, forecasts, and active intelligence to support your business venture.

  • Our reports educate you on opportunities and challenges your market may face to keep you ahead of the mainstream curve.

  • Our reports grant immediate access to the key information you need to make effective decisions for your brand.

  • Our reports provide a trusted information source with a minimal financial investment.



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