Brand analysis

An assessment of your brand, and an intuitive resolutions report and video conference presentation.

Your brand speaks volumes even before the consumer tries or purchases your product. And in the age of social media, consumer-brand engagement directly correlates to brand reputability.

Assess your market reach with a Brand Analysis!

The brand analysis package provides an all-encompassing assessment from a fresh perspective to give you a glimpse into the mind of a consumer. It is designed to equip food individuals and companies with a full scope of their current marketability. Brand analysis features a comprehensive evaluation of your brand identity and design, marketing strategy, product offerings, media platforms, and competitive awareness.



Here’s a look at the process…

First, you do your homework to prep for the project. When initiating your project, you’ll complete a questionnaire with questions about your brand, industry, products, processes, website, and social media platforms. This will help us to understand your brand story and objectives, as well as prepare a foundation for the assessment we will complete.

Then, we’ll have a 60-minute video conference presentation to discuss the findings of the assessment and how you can improve your current brand and marketing strategy. We’ll provide you with actionable steps to take and helpful resources to assist you in making these changes.

Last, we’ll follow up with a unique resolutions white paper. Don’t worry if you didn’t write everything down during our call. Once it’s completed, we’ll share also provide copies of the presentation.



How much does it cost?




This package is for you if...

You want to invest in your brand to focus on and strategically market to your target audience.

You’re eager to capitalize on various social media avenues and connect with global consumers.

You’re hoping to engage with local consumers by clarifying your brand story to showcase your business and offerings.

You’re looking to one-up the competition and rectify any gaps in your marketing strategy.



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