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How to Launch a Food Product in 4 Steps - Get your Product in Grocery Stores!

So you have a recipe that you love and all your friends and family have told you to start selling? Or maybe you're already selling at your local farmer's market but you want to get your product on national (or even international) store shelves?

If you tuned in last week, then you know that we walked you through the 3 Vs - our 3 step process to open a restaurant or foodservice operation. Today, we are focusing on our 4 Vs for food retail - how to launch a food product and sell your product in supermarkets.

So, if you've ever wondered how to get your product in grocery stores - grab your pen and paper and let's get started!

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How to Open a Restaurant in 3 Steps - The Starting a Food Business Checklist

So you love to cook and you want to start selling your menu online? Or maybe you want to sell your catering services as a personal chef?

Whatever your concept, you want to learn how to start a small food business or restaurant and we're here to help.

When it comes to launching in the food industry, we find that many of our clients are intimidated by the connotation the industry has. High turnover, low success rate, large startup investment, and the list goes on.

But, if you prepare yourself and do the work required to lay a proper foundation and get started on your concept, the journey doesn't have to be rocky.

If you're interested in starting a service-based food business (restaurant, catering, bakery, personal chef, etc.) but don't know where to start, then grab a pen and paper, and keep reading. In today's post, we're sharing the 3 V's to start a restaurant or small food business.

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How to Develop + Implement a Brand Strategy for Your Food Business

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been working to put together a DIY brand audit that simulates the official brand audits I conduct for my clients in an easy-to-understand manner.

In doing so, I realized that over time, I’ve come to pick up on various types of branding strategies that are commonly used in the industry. With such an oversaturated market, you would think that there are all kinds of different types of branding methods being used.

But, you'd be surprised at just how much in common we share with one another when it comes to branding strategies.

If you've been following along, you know that this month we're honing in on our food branding series. First, we discussed types of branding in the industry - not confused with branding strategies.

Then, last week, we broke down the know-like-trust factor into 3 essential elements and how that applies to your brand.

Today, we're diving into how to outline a brand strategy for your business and common branding strategies used in the food and beverage industry.

*This blog post is in preparation for Culinistic's 7-day Brand Assessment Challenge. You can learn more about the challenge details, sign up, and access the workbook here.

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3 Essential Elements of the Know-Like-Trust Factor and What They Mean for Your Brand (+ a free brand roadmap pdf)

Developing a brand for your food idea or business is more than just whipping together a logo, adding a few eye-catching colors, and having a catchy name.

No, no. There's much more to it than that.

If you've read last week's blog post, then you know that the first step in successful branding is understanding the various types of branding and choosing the best type for your brand. You can read more about it (part 1 of this series) here.

Once you've done that, it's appropriate to begin outlining how you want your brand to be perceived. Or, if your brand is already in the market, figure out how your brand is already viewed by consumers.

These two elements play hand-in-hand and work simultaneously to help you determine the value of your brand and how you should be positioning it in the marketplace.

*This blog post is in preparation for Culinistic's 7-day Brand Assessment Challenge. You can learn more about the challenge details, sign up, and access the workbook here.

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5 Types of Branding in the Food Industry & How to Choose the Right Type for Your Brand (+ a free brand roadmap pdf)

Branding is the process of creating, developing, and maintaining a unique identity, image, and value for a product or business. In the food industry, we all know that the market is highly saturated, which is why an efficient branding process is incredibly important.

The purpose of branding is to attract the attention of your target customer, appeal to their values or a problem they're facing, market shared values or a solution, and convert them into buying customers.

Effective branding allows you to get your target customer to know who you are, like what you offer, and trust in your capability to deliver the solution you've marketed to them.

Building this type of brand effectiveness takes time and a compilation of research. But, before getting started with creating a business or product to brand, you'll want to determine the most effective type of branding to leverage.

Today, we're going to discuss the five most common types of branding in the food industry, so that you can choose the most effective one for your business.

*This blog post is in preparation for Culinistic's 7-day Brand Assessment Challenge. You can learn more about the challenge details, sign up, and access the workbook here.

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How to Pull Off a Flawless Food Photo Shoot: Execution

We are almost there! Your photo shoot is right around the corner, and you’re ready to knock this thing out of the park! But how? How do you style your food to make it look like those instagram pics featured on the Feed Feed page? How do you know what camera to use, and when to shoot? How do you actually pull off a flawless food photo shoot?

Don’t worry - I’ve got you covered! You’ve made all the right steps - gathered inspiration, designed your aesthetic, and planned out your shots - so ready to pull this baby together!

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How to Pull Off a Flawless Food Photo Shoot: Planning

The time is almost here, for you to put on your epic food photo shoot! So far in this series, we've discussed how to gather the inspiration and what goes into the design of the shoot. Now, it's time to plan!

I know, haven't we already been planning this whole time?

Well, yes... But, NO!

Inspiration and design accounts for the creative planning aspect, but now I'm talking about planning the actual plan.

Like, day of plan.

Like, the 'when the heck do you go shopping, and what the heck do you get' plan.

Yeah, THAT'S what we're talking about today! So get ready!

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How to Pull Off a Flawless Food Photo Shoot: Design

Let me be honest.

The design phase is my favorite process of any photography session. This phase is the part where you pull all those creative juices together and put it on paper until your little heart just can’t take any more. You can add all the frills, and glam, or minimalistic touches you want - anything and  everything to make your vision come to life.

If you’ve been following along, then you know that I’m breaking down all my know-how on food photography during this four part series. In part one, I shared the ultimate guide to gathering inspiration for your food photo shoot, and this week, as you can see, we’re talking design.

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How to Understand Marketing Claims: GMO's

If you caught the intro to this series, then you know that I’m sharing all my corporate food industry know-how for you on marketing claims. I’ve already discussed gluten-free claims, and throughout the series, I’ll talk about organics, vegan claims, and all-natural/clean items.


And today, it’s all about GMOs - likely the most dreaded acronym known to the food industry.




Sounds like a reputation killer. I mean really, who would jump to eat something that says it’s been modified… genetically? A science experiment gone wrong!

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