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We’re here to help you create tangible logistics for your culinary brand.

As foodies, our taste buds tingle at the thought of visiting a restaurant with an epic menu, trying the latest instagram food trend, or desperately skimming the grocery store for that crazy chip flavor that just hit the shelves.

But knowing how to create that consumer excitement for your brand is a different story. You've got to build on your current market stance, reinvent your line of products, and understand who your consumer is.

Not sure how to do that? That’s exactly what Culinistics is here for!





To provide industry-standard services to individuals and businesses in a one-on-one setting // To provide creative direction services and educational resources to innovate culinary brands and increase targeted consumer engagement.





Beginning in May of 2019, Culinistics has partnered with the Lupus Foundation of America to give a portion of our profits in hopes to help find a cure. Read more about the Culinistics Coalition program here, and how you can partner with us.



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 A Message from the Founder


Like you, I’m utterly passionate about food. As an ex-member of the corporate world in food & beverage, I realized what it was I truly loved about food — it’s ability to bring people together. I also realized the lack on individualized engagement opportunities for the small business owner within the corporate realm.

I started Culinistics to help people like you bring their dreams to life, and develop culinary brands that curate engagement through food. With Culinistics, I use my love for food and industry skills to help you gain insight on your consumer, analyze your brand, develop on-trend products, and showcase them with photography and web design.

Whether it’s with through our online resources vault, aggregated research reports, or customized one-on-one consulting packages, Culinistics is here to help you create tangible logistics for your food brand.

I also share inside industry insight and exclusive advice with the Culinistics community every month in our newsletter! If you haven’t already, I invite you to join our community of foodies and food business owners below!

Welcome to the community!

Chelsea Joy Rainey, Founder and Chief Culinary Innovator